A Few About Us

Since last 28 years Dr. Sanjay S. Pund practicing of anorectal diseases and chronic diseases by Ayurveda only update more than 20,000 operations done by ksharstura method in his hospital.

Dr. Sanjay S. Pund is B.A.M.S. (Gold medallist), M.D. (Kayachikitsa), M.D. (Samhita) & Ph.D. in Ayurved. He is the fellow of Indian Institute of Medicine, Pune. He is Professor in G.S. Gune Ayurved College, Ahmednagar since last 28 years. He had done complicated cases of piles & fistula very nicely under anesthesia. He have modern equipments for diagnostic purpose but for the treatment part he uses Ayurvedic modality treatment. He is master in Ayurveda. Social activities done by Dr. Sanjay S. Pund. Every first January he takes free camps in his hospital. It is total charitable to every patient. His contribution is towards to cure the patient by Ayurvedic way. He conducted more than 150 camps in rural area and in urban area he conducted 250 camps.

He writes his papers and presentation in Vaidyaraj magazine and Deerghau International magazine, Pune. He broadcasted his piles and fistula technique in Hallo Doctor program at Shayadri Channel also he the good speaker for F.M. Radio, Ahmednagar. He always takes part in publication, broadcasting & good speaker for radio.

He wrote the text book for B.A.M.S. students namely ‘ASHTANG SANGRAHA’ & ‘SANKALIT KAYACHIKITSA’ these books are very popular in students.