Ksharsutra Training

Since, 1992 we teach ksharsutra treatment for the student of ayurveda and allopathy graduate . Amongst them most of the student practice nicely due to their efficacy of understanding. We teach in our institute various disease disease treatment according to the best.

  1. Piles
  2. Fistula
  3. Fissure
  4. Polyp
  5. All diseases concern with anorectal canal by ksharsutra, Laser, modern technology & ancient modality of the treatment.

Three months teaching program conducted by institute for admitted students with living accommodation-
1st month-Theory & observation
2nd month- Assist to the senior doctors
3rd month-Handling the operation procedure by students themselves.

If you are interested in the Ksharsutra Training, please fill the form given below (download and print the form)